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Founded in Limassol Cyprus, by architect Stelios Antoniou in 2010, sAnt Architects & Associates strives to impact people through space. No matter what project we are designing, we always aim to make a difference in the city’s landscape. We envision spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with one another, and enrich the human experience. We do this by embracing the life, love, and diversity of the city. Recognizing that every great design is the result of a combination of ideas, we’re inspired by the dynamism of urban life. You’ll be surprised by what we can do for you. We’d love to work with you on your next project.

Our focus is carefully selected quideness to our clients.

Our mission is to ensure effective execution of the fully cycle of your project.

Our goal is to protect your capital and keep you satisfied by the final result.

We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio including projects in residential, commercial and investments.  We believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.

Integrity : 

Our studio conducts all business with the highest degree of professionalism and an obligation to act responsibly in a trustworthy and authentic manner. We place the interest of our partners, clients and investors, first as we act ethically with full transparency in all our projects.

Trust : 

Our studio believes that trust in the overriding value in all we do. We conduct our business affairs in an honourable and truthful manner and believe in an unwavering commitment to building long term relations based on honesty and loyalty.

Why us...

Unique Design

Each design for any client is unique, always fiting the needs of you, and what you really want.


Continusly supervisions of your project, keep a high level of quality and minimize the risk of any mistake.


From day one untill the end, you will have our studio next to you consulting you in each and every step of your project.


By having a day by day consulting with our studio, ensures the result of your project.


We believe in trust betwenn client - architect and we can promise the best result based on our experience and profesionalism.


Having this step by step guidness, ensures final result.

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